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Who Are We

Excellent for Energy Consultancy is a US company located in Austin, Texas, that aims to develop renewable energy markets, business and project, and provide the best forms of support to it. With a unique vision, clear mission and strong tendency toward technological advancements, EEConsult managed to achieve a position in the MENA region as a market development and capacity building company in the field of renewable energy and energy technologies. EEConsult has leading development projects in Jordan and the MANA region where best potentials can be existed.

Starting from the US, through venturing in Jordan, EEConsult opened a gate to support renewable energy sectors to grow and develop in different segments, build its capacity, ease renewable energy businesses and projects to access the markets through best practices and technological applications, and tailor its plans to the market which EEConsult builds and executes strategies to help develop it, as it’s one of the most experienced companies in providing renewable energy projects studies and market development tactics.

​On another hand EEConsult invested its expertise in providing renewable energy technical service in renewable energy through its technical arm Texas Energy, where it insures solar and wind energy projects best outcomes and better quality.

Now, EEConsult is the exclusive partner for NABCEP in the MENA region, the highest accreditation for renewable energy in the world.

Mission: To develop renewable energy markets and build for it the proper capacities and infrastructure ensuring the best segmentation in different energy segments and the best use of technology. In addition to help governments, corporates and SMEs to develop their energy services in the best viable way.

Vision: A mega and highly dependable international renewable energy market developer that brings to markets capacity and technology advancements.

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